Our Team Overview

Our multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team consists of registered Educational Psychologists, Counsellors, registered Occupational Therapists, NZCER Assessors, Specialist Tutors, Consultant Developmental Paediatricians and Consultant Speech and Language Therapists.

Our Educational Psychologists and Occupational Therapists are registered with all relevant authorities under The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003. This ensures that the professionals who offer assessments and follow up therapy and help to you or your children “are properly trained and qualified” and have been “continually updating and improving their skills”. We have become a training institute for counsellors and occupational therapists, offering clinical training to a number of individuals that are referred to Pro Ed from local universities.

Pro Ed had been conducting more than 800 assessments every year for gifted children, and children with behavioural concerns and/or learning/developmental delays. Our clientele includes children from Auckland and other regions and also from overseas. Our Educational Psychologists are qualified to provide independent cognitive and educational testing to assess if the student is eligible for special assessment conditions (e.g. reader help, writer help, use of computer or time extension in examinations or in class) to mitigate their significant learning difficulties.

Our team members are all developmentally trained to work with children and adults with a variety of challenges. We focus on making interactions with clients at our centre a positive and enjoyable experience.

More importantly, we believe each child is unique and will provide one-on-one therapy programmes that are individually designed for each child, based on the results and the recommendations of our assessment or by other professionals to ensure the most effective intervention methods are implemented.

Who do we help:

Who we can help:

  • Children who are having on-going difficulties and who are not reaching National Standards in some or all subjects.
  • Children who are constantly saying they are bored at school.
  • Children who have good verbal language skills but struggle with getting the ideas down on paper within time constraints.
  • Families whose children are not achieving to their full potential.
  • College students who require assistance during exams, for example reader- writer, use of computer, etc.
  • Children who are being home schooled and need independent testing and specific home-based programmes.
  • Families who needs an independent assessment/developmental testing on their children for immigration purposes.
  • Children who are clumsy, accident prone and do not enjoy P.E class.
  • Children with problems associated with excessive technology use, e.g. computer games, browsing.
  • Children with social anxiety issues, mood swings, or who refuse to go to school.
  • Children presenting with behavioural issues often related to difficulties at school, either learning or social.
  • Families struggling with problems relating to separation, divorce, restructured relationships, and step-parenting.
  • Families in the Auckland areas.
  • Families from outlying areas and even overseas, who have been formally assessed by us or at other agencies, and are able to access the treatment programmes via telephone, post or internet.

How do we help:

The team at Pro Ed is passionate about bring workable solutions to children and adults who are at risk of not reaching their full potential in both the classroom and the greater community.

Through a tried and trusted state-of-the assessment process that leads to an individualised therapy programme, our team of dedicated professionals have the answers and solutions you are looking for.

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